Altering the Food Formula

The next item on the Infinity List revolves around something I’m deeply passionate about (besides Conservation Biology and Nora Ephron movies)… and that’s food. It’s amazing how powerful food can be. You crave it, you hate it, you buy it, you make it, and it even has the ability to strike down any ounce of willpower you have left to not put it in your mouth. I have never been a food addict, per say, but I’ll admit that there have been countless of moments where I’ve looked for comfort and solutions at the bottom of a Girl Scout cookie box, just to give an example. It’s just something about the satisfaction of indulging in your cravings that makes food so appealing. This is also the reason why I have never gone on a diet, and will forever refuse to. I’m a real food kinda person, which is why I choose to word this is as such: 3. Revamp your diet, without going on a diet. What sort of conundrum is that, might you ask? It means that I’ve reconstructed the way I eat in a healthier way, so that I can still adhere to my cravings and eat as much as I do.

It all started with the Paleo Plan, also known as the “caveman diet”. The overall goal is to eat as a caveman would, which means only fruits, veggies, nuts, and meat. It completely stripped all dairy and grains from my usual food intake. Although I only partook in the strict Paleo Plan for 2 weeks (E and I called it our “Pre-Christmas Cleanse”), I noticed a huge difference. I had more energy, I felt great, no tummy aches, and my bowel movements were, well, moving. When I returned to MN over the holidays, I even had multiple people ask if I had lost weight (I’d respond with a “Thanks” or “You think?”, since I tend to avoid scales and really wasn’t aware if I had lost any weight or not). Bottom line is, I took this experience and ran with it. Meaning that even now, although I’m not strictly Paleo, I make sure not to over-indulge in processed foods, and stick to the naturals. I even stopped drinking dairy milk and am now hooked on almond milk (For anyone that knew me in college, they’d be shocked. 2% milk was always my go-to hangover cure, along with an Italian BMT from Subway. Weird, but it never fails). That way, I get to snack all day (blackberries and nuts being my favorite) while avoiding all of the harmful preservatives or high caloric intake.

So take a close look into your fridge, whatchya got in there? Well whatever it is, simplify it. Go back to the naturals. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, and try to avoid the aisles as much as possible. I’ve attached a couple of my favorite Paleo sites for you to check out. If you’re not motivated by this post, at least check out the links.

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