Extreme Makeover: Life Edition

The phrase “April showers brings May flowers” may be true in Miami, but definitely not in Minnesota. While I’m basking in the sun and trudging around in rain boots, my family and friends back home are cussing at the latest April snowfall and 40 degree weather. I thought I had it pretty good until our air conditioner conveniently pooped out on us on the same weekend that Mother Nature decided to raise the humidity level to a “devil’s steam room” high. Being a Minnesotan expat living in Miami, the heat and I don’t necessarily get along. Nonetheless, E and I had devoted this past weekend to painting our kitchen, giving it the makeover it desperately needed. Despite the humidity levels and the stubbornness of our air conditioner, we were desperate for a change of scenery. If you can recall back to my very first blog post Love & Limits, I refer to our apartment as “gray”-feeling. After E read that particular blog post, he immediately responded saying “Wait a minute, is that really how you feel about our apartment?” And alas, a project was formed.

When E’s father had initially bought the place, he decided to paint the kitchen and dining area with the spare paint he had leftover from a previous project. Of course, the colors he had on hand couldn’t conveniently be a beige or neutral color, but rather a lilac purple and sky blue. So he mixed the 2 colors with varying amounts of white, creating multiple shades of pastel purples and blues. Fast forward to present time, when I noticed that each wall in the kitchen was a different color. After living in that space for almost a year now, we decided it was finally time to makeover our kitchen and cater it to our current taste.

I say “current taste” because as you grow older, and as your life changes, so do your interests. Things that once were eye-catching or cool, like sillybandz, are now outdated and quite frankly, stupid. Now that I’m out of college and my life has taken a 180 degree turn, it’s only natural that elements in my daily life change as well. Whether it be throwing away all of the college going-out clothes that have been permanently tarnished with the smell of Plums Bar & Grill, or upgrading the coffee I drink every morning from a cheap burnt dark roast to a blonde-r roast, to better satiate my budding adult taste buds. Something as daunting as painting your living space can actually be remarkably rewarding in the end. There are so many aspects of your life that you cannot control, so why not take advantage of one that you can control? With spring upon us, it’s the season to release your inner-designer and let the creativity flow (even if you’re the least creative person on the planet, like me). 5. Re-style and upgrade your living space. Because your home, like your life, needs a makeover every once in a while.


Before: The Easter Bunny’s color scheme of choice, pastel blues and purples.


After: A fresh green, representing newness, life and growth.

Dexter enjoying the new space

My handsome Dexter enjoying the new space.

A llittle kitchen flair to top off the new look.

A llittle kitchen flair to top off the new look.