Ana’s Infinite Playlist

The reason why I was initially attracted to blogging was because it gives me a chance to spill out what I’m currently obsessed with on a “forever page”. Meaning that an online blog is more reliable than a journal in that it will never have to be one of the 3 things you choose to save in a house fire. My monthly obsessions are thus spewed into cyberspace where they could potentially linger forever. You’ll never know who will stumble across your blog and leave feeling refreshed and inspired. Hopefully this next post will do just that.

Everyone has that go-to playlist for a multitude of different scenarios. The workout playlist, the rainy day playlist, the babymaking playlist, etc etc. That’s because music has the ability to define moments. A song comes on that you recognize and it instantly takes you back to a moment in your life where something important, or perhaps insignificant, happened while that certain song was playing. For example, Holla At Me by Chris Brown will forever remind me of college road trips to Madison, WI with my girlfriends. I can’t listen to Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt without thinking about the moment my ex and I broke up before he flew away for a semester abroad, and how I cried for hours the morning of his departure.  After Ultra Music Festival, This Is What It Feels Like by Armin van Buuren takes me back to the crowded A State of Trance amphitheater where, despite being tired, hot, and sweaty, I just couldn’t get enough. All of these songs I have compiled into a playlist, and now I urge you to do the same. 8. Create a playlist of memories. Each song takes me back to a moment of my life that otherwise would’ve remained unearthed. Hearing them triggers old emotions and crystal clear feelings, whether happy or heavyhearted. When you’re creating your playlist of memories, just remember that it’s okay to look back on emotional times. These moments help to define who we are today, so no memory is not worth reflecting on.

Here are some of the songs that make up my personal playlist of memories…

1. Lola by The Kinks- Dancing around in the living room with my dad when I was little, back when I didn’t know how to dance and quite frankly, didn’t really care.

2. Memories by David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi- The one song that will never, ever get old. For running, keg races, sunbathing, party buses, and pregame parties.

3. You Must Believe in Yourself by Khalil Queen- For how talented this man is, he is not nearly as known as he should be. After hearing him belt this song out before our final musical performance every year in high school, I still can’t make it through the whole thing without busting into tears.

4. Let’s Get F***ed Up and Die by Motion City Soundtrack- This song wreaks of my first car, a Toyota Camry that was older than I was. Competing in car wars and hide-and-go-seek car tag, because there was nothing else for a penny-less 16-year old who had to be back by curfew to do.

5. Cricketz by New Boyz- Booty dropping like I knew how to with my best friend. Even though this song was introduced to me by someone who I was better off not knowing, I’m reminded of a carefree, “young and restless” period of my life.

6. Gravity by Sara Bareilles- For some reason, this song was a go-to for me whenever I was experiencing relationship issues or emotional torment in college. When I was at the lowest of lows, this song made me feel hopeful.

7. Work Out by J. Cole- My final year of college, I blasted this song every time I flew down to Miami to visit my boyfriend, E. I remember feeling nervous and excited at the same time, just hoping that despite being long distance, we’d be able to work it out.

8. Wake Me Up by Avicii- I’d say this is my current obsession, and the most recent addition to my playlist of memories. This song defines me in the now. A naive 23-year old girl living in Miami, trying to feel her way through the darkness. It’s everything I look for in a song… a genius mix, a beat you can’t help but dance to, and lyrics that anyone can relate to (download it right this instant).

What songs shuffle through your infinite playlist??