About the Author

Seeing as how my entire blog is basically one big list, I find it fitting to structure my “About Me” section in a related fashion…

The “Ana” List: The 10 Things You Should Know About Me:

1. I grew up in suburban Richfield, MN. As expected, I have a slight accent, but only when I say certain words (i.e. “bag”. It comes off sounding more like “beg” than “bag”). I also say “pop” instead of “soda” (which is sure confuse the hell out of servers outside of Minnesota).

2. My mother is South Korean and my dad is Norwegian, which makes me Kor-wegian. It’s an interesting mix to say the least, and really comes out in our family get-togethers (traditional lutefisk and lefsa for Christmas dinner, and Korean New Years Soup to ring in the New Year). I’ve been to South Korea once, and am currently planning a trip back there in the summer of 2015 (God-willing). My Korean language skills are minimal, however based on my martial arts history, I can say every type of kick in flawless Korean.

3. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Theology. I enjoy bridging the gap between science and religion and proving to others how they can be functionally intertwined.

4. I currently work as an Education Specialist at the Miami Seaquarium. My job involves educating guests about the marine animals that we have at the park, including ways to conserve and protect various endangered species. I interviewed for the job over spring break and nabbed the position 2 months before I graduated. 10 days after graduation, I moved on down to Miami where I reside at present.

5. A common character that pops up in my blog is E, my wonderful and exotic boyfriend. He also hails from Minnesota, making him a transplant resident of South FL just like me. We live together in Downtown Miami, where he works as a medical sales distributor for Latin America. Being nearly 5 years older than me, he was able to hold my hand and guide me through the tough transition of college life to adulthood.

6. The other love of my life is just as handsome, only with quadruple the hair count. His name is Dexter and I refer to him as “honey bear” (which sometimes evolves into “honey-bear-sweetie-pie”), not only because I thoroughly enjoy the use of cheesy pet names, but because he reminds me of a cuddly bear cub. We aren’t entirely sure what he’s mixed with since we adopted him from a shelter, but we tell people that he’s a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix.

7. I’m a huge foodie, which is why I need to workout as often as I do so I can sustain my infinite appetite.

8. Travel is my true love. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about adventure and the many places that I desire to visit. Unfortunately, one cannot afford such luxuries as a 23 year old fresh out of college. So until then, I’ll continue renewing my subscription of Travel + Leisure Magazine and lusting over travel porn.

9. I fit the picture perfect description of a Cancer. I’m emotional and often lead with my feelings rather than logic, which can sometimes be problematic (i.e. my incapability of saying “no”), but I’m constantly learning from every situation I may regrettably get myself into. I find comfort and happiness in taking care of others, especially when it comes to my boyfriend and my dog. Family and friends mean the world to me, and I know that without that support system, life would lose its flair.

10. I started this blog because I’m better at expressing myself in writing than in person. When writing anything, there’s bound to be critics and readers who will judge your work, but during the actual act of writing, you’re faced not with an intellectual person, but with a blank page. The only words being spewed are yours. With that being said, as I’m writing my blog, I am writing for myself, with the hope that maybe someone will stumble across it and find my words inspiring. But that’s just an added bonus, because in the end, the one I’m ultimately inspiring is myself.


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