About the Infinity List

Whoever told you that life after college was easy, they were lying. I don’t care what kind of job you have or don’t have, where you move, or who you live with, it will hit you. Maybe not immediately, maybe not for another 6+ months, but it will hit you. When it does, it’s either put up or shut up. Like the calculus homework you thought would, in no way, benefit your education; You just tough it out. Deal with it. Now how you deal with it, is up to you. Which is why I’ve created The Infinity List. It’s not a bucket list because it doesn’t end. There’s not a base. It’s ongoing, limitless, [calculus].

This blog is meant to inspire. Elements in your life, whether positive or negative, will add, subtract, divide, or multiply. So use some of these elements and add them to your equation. Hopefully then, you’ll find the outcome you’re looking for.

As for me, calculus is my Achilles heel, I’m still trying to figure it all out.

The Infinity List (thus far…)

1. Linger every once in a while on the fact that you are loved.

2. Venture to your nearest bookstore and lose yourself.

3. Revamp your diet, without going on a diet.

4. Make a scary, life-changing decision.

5. Re-style and upgrade your living space.

6. Pack your bags and get outta town.

7. Invest in a canine companion.

8. Create a playlist of memories.

9. Hug like you mean it.

10. Do something to celebrate the best season of the year.

11. Challenge yourself.

12. Take 10+ minutes out of each day to meditate.


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